Divorce Investigation Services

    Separation is not an easy option to take by anyone. You may decide to walk out on the spouse, but a lot is left behind in the wake. Hurt, anger, legal entanglements, fights, all this is part of the game when the spouses separating have not got everything settled during the parting of ways.

    We are a premier private Post - matrimonial investigation agency with 30 years of experience in handling divorce cases of different nature. We have investigated the number of couples with their divorce cases and ensured that they parted ways as cordially as needed.

    We have a team of top matrimonial detectives to solve cases of different nature and help couples sort things out within the perimeter of law. Right from checking spouses’ extramarital affairs to helping with child custody issues, from collecting evidence of gainful employment of spouses to conducting background checks, from investigating matters of bigamy/polygamy to doing background checks – we cover

    virtually every aspect related to divorce.

    We are taking care below parameters: -

    • Character / Extramarital Affairs
    • Gainful employment
    • Financial background
    • Bigamy / Polygamy
    • Child custody issues
    • Background checks of all family members