Electronic Sweeps / Debugging

    Are you suspecting that someone secretly kept his eyes on your office, workplace, shop, your vehicles, your landline, cell phones, home, and many other places watching/listening to your business / personal planís secrets?

    When you are conducting a sales meeting, product launch, or contract negotiations, who else is attending your meeting? In todayís sophisticated world of electronic monitoring, you are more susceptible to electronic surveillance and monitoring than you might realize. How often do you conduct conferences in Hotel facilities? Who has rented the room prior to your organization? Who has access to the room during your presentation or meeting? It is simple and relatively inexpensive to electronically monitor your offices, vehicles, and aircraft. It is even easier to electronically monitor meeting rooms and conference facilities at hotels. Electronic sweeping can be accomplished for a lot less than you might think. Our technicians can conduct electronic sweeps and physically inspect for listening devices and covert video surveillance cameras. Often, the media can be relentless, with vast electronic resources in pursuit of a story. This is an area of high vulnerability and is easy to protect. Our technicians operate in disguise so only you will know of their presence.

    If you ever rely upon that you are being comprised or watched over, you can immediately hire an expert like us and ease the worries.

    Our technician is trained from the UK with an enviable track record in proving to debug or electronic sweeping services to clients across the industry.