About Pinnacle

  • Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) is highly confidential private detective agency known for a strong pan-India presence and trusted for over 30 years of domain experience. Identical with supreme investigative solutions providers. Its well-known for maintaining sustained superiority in the field of private investigation, the company has successfully been serving to all, private, public and government sectors, with great assurance and great expertise.
  • Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) is a premier private investigation agency offering a whole range of detective services to clients across industries and geographies. We have a robust national network with a big infrastructural set-up and fully-equipped agents /offices in all major cities of India to support the operations. Its agents in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Patna, Pune & Lucknow. Associated by an expert team of detectives and Investigation professionals, head of the agency & team members has successfully solved over 7,500 cases for nationally and globally.
  • Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) also takes great pride in its membership to some of most prestigious organizations for trade and industry in India. We're an active member of associations such as Association of Private Detective and Investigators of India (APDI), World Association of Detective (WAD) Association of British Investigators (ABI) & Council of International Investigators (CII).
  • Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) is an undisputed leader in the private investigation sector on the back of having the largest team of investigators in the sector and using the most sophisticated technologies.
  • Since head of Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) has a proven track record, it's thus hired for a diversity of cases, including from personal investigation, professional cases, matrimonial searches, corporate investigations, employment searches, counterfeit investigation etc. The workforce of Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) comprises undercover agents and private detectives who work in a professional manner and get effective results together with maintaining the confidentiality & secrecy desired by clients.
  • Over the years, Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) has served the industry with distinction, achieved a leading position and won the trust and confidence of clients from across industries and nations. The major credit of its success goes to Shivprakash Upadhyay, the Head Investigation & founder of the Agency, who forms the core of the management. Well -trained and known over 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Shiv Upadhyay is a brand in itself overseeing day-to-day operations and guiding the team with poise and assurance.
  • Mr. Shivprakash Upadhyay (HOI & Founder) has personally solved many cases.
  • In overall, Pinnacle Investigation & Detective Agency (PIDA) is an agency to show trust as it ambitions to become the most reliable private detective agency in the world and wishes to keep serving you to the best of abilities!