To blackmail someone is to use secret information to get something from them, usually money. Blackmailing is a crime. Blackmail is a type of threat. For example, if a politician's assistant knew the politician was having an affair, the assistant could blackmail the politician by threatening to tell the press.

    If someone blackmailing you with an intention to harm your personal or professional reputation? Or, someone threatening to reveal your confidential information? Has an ex-employee of your company taken away some valuable data of the company and is now resorting to blackmailing?

    Blackmailing is a crime, either be blackmailed through phone, social media or using any other methods. No matter which way it comes, you should not tolerate it, and rather fight it out with vengeance.

    If someone blackmails you at a personal or professional level, you must take immediate and appropriate action on that. You should never feel scared or embarrassed to report such matters to a competent authority. Similarly, you must seek help rather than feeling helpless, isolated, and exposed by keeping things under wraps to avoid social stigma or shame.

    Sometimes, people are not comforted to involve the police at that early stage? What will be the option then? PIDA is a leading private detective agency with around three decades of market experience. We have solved a variety of blackmailing cases over the years spanning across industries and personal matters.