Corporate espionage: sometimes also called industrial espionage, economic espionage, or corporate spying is the practice of using espionage techniques for commercial or financial purposes. We usually think of "espionage" in terms of spies working on behalf of one government trying to get information about another. But in fact, many of the same techniques and even many of the same spies work in both realms.

    Types of industrial espionage

    • Trespassing onto a competitor's property or accessing their files without permission
    • Posing as a competitor's employee in order to learn company trade secrets or other
    • confidential information
    • Wiretapping a competitor
    • Hacking into a competitor's computers
    • Attacking a competitor's website with malware

    We conduct actual investigations for corporate espionage. These involve both external and internal investigations for corporate clients. There may be certain conspiracies emerging against your organization's interests externally such as any criminal proceedings, loss of company's assets, or any kind of illegal activities taking place internally which harm the reputation of your entity. We help you to find all malicious activities surrounding your entity and provide a detailed report for your further action.